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Most of us might think that doing exercises is like the house chores we often do every day. Thus, we do not take this action as a serious task in our schedule. This is the reason many people do not find the frequent inspiration to do exercise. Some teenagers are willing to do that because they see a hot girl or a handsome boy in the gym center only. Unfortunately, we do not recognize the importance of doing exercises or playing sports for our health.

On the one hand, some people probably come to the gym center. This is a good signal, but do they still do that when the weather condition is awful? Or they do not have enough time to drive to the fitness center. The best solution is buying fitness equipment by starting with a treadmill.

Some necessary factors to look for


Most of the general treadmills often have similar footprints between 77 inches (in its length) and 35 inches (in its width). The size will be changed if you need to buy a folding treadmill. These treadmills will be decreased in the half size of its length. Thus, you should identify the right empty space around the treadmill for safety and access.
Treadmill Size

Available needs

If you are a runner, you will need to select a suitable treadmill with a deck length. So, you should check the comfort of the machine while running or walking. Select a treadmill that attracts you greatly and aesthetically.


It is so tired and bored when you have to do exercises in many long hours. You probably do not have more workouts for the next time. Therefore, a treadmill with high-end features will help you stay focused on the workout program a lot.

Main features


If you decide to choose a motorized treadmill, a motor is the first feature you need to consider as this is the main power source of one treadmill. The motor can run the track belt for walking and run.

There are two major types of the power. One is the Horsepower and the other is the Continues Horsepower.

If you cannot remember these types, you will stay focused on the CHP only because it is easier to understand and remember.

From the CHP, you will know how much power can get from the motor. Most of the home treadmills have 2.25 CHP and 4.25 CHP. Here are three types of the CHP that are suitable for walking, jogging, and running:

  • Walking: Choose 2.0 CHP or higher;
  • Jogging: Choose 2.5 CHP or higher;
  • Running: Choose 3.0 CHP or higher.

Track speed

The track speed depends on your requirements of workout you want to practice with a treadmill. In general, a treadmill has 10 miles per hour maximum speed is enough for most of the runners. Some also have other facilities up to 12mph. There are many treadmills available out there on the market which has 10 mph maximum speed with a reasonable price point.


With the incline on one treadmill, you enable to burn lots of extra calories in a short time only. Once you have completed one level, you can upgrade advanced levels with the incline facility. This supports your muscles stronger and also reduces all stresses on your joints.

Most of the current treadmills have between 10 and 20 percent of incline.

Workout programs

Although treadmill is not a new way to do exercise in your home, the state-of-the-art treadmills are tailored with high-end technologies. When buying a treadmill, you also need to find out the workout programs because these will help you to adjust the goal first.

Some workout programs ought to help you lose weight while others may support you build muscles group. The iFit is one of the most popular programs of a treadmill which connect to Google Map to show you how much distance you have walked or run. Some brands have used the iFit are Nordic Track, ProForm, HealthRider, etc.

Weight capacity

Weight capacity shows that the loading capability of a treadmill. In general, the weight capacity ranges from 250 to 400 pounds. To choose the right weight capacity for you, you should get the load at least 50 pounds more than your body weight.


Some treadmills also have auto-stop feature when you have pets or toddlers at home as they might have accidents from a treadmill.

Auto-stop is handled with a key, so when you want to do exercise, you just begin and the key will attach to your body with a lanyard. In case you slip, the key will disengage and the treadmill will automatically close. Also, the key could be removed after working out to stop possible incidents.

Extra features

Some machines also inbuilt lots of high-end features such as USB ports, wireless Internet connection, docks for iPods or MP3 players, etc.

On the flip side, some treadmills also have great guaranty from the motor to other parts. Some producers also have a lifetime warranty for their customers.

Comfort and adjustability

As every trainer have different physical levels, a fitness machine also meets their own requirements and abilities. Most of the treadmills have the top of speeds from 10 and 12 mph while others have more than 12mph or less.

For the first time of training, you should select the lowest level to help your muscles group feel comfortable. Once you have this regular habit, this is the time to adjust advanced levels.

Workout Space and Treadmill Size

Consider the available workout space in your home

Like any household product, you need to estimate the space you will place these in your house. With a treadmill, you should answer this question “how much room or space could you give a treadmill?” You should also measure your suitable floor space, on the other hand, to save your time before purchasing.

Moreover, you should measure any related storage space if you are looking for a folding design. Because treadmill dimensions are often published, you enable to keep this information to help you to become a wise shopper.

treadmill space

The required running space or the treadmill belt size ought to also influence the overall footprint. From our personal experiences, you should select a treadmill with 22 inches in the wide belt (for runners), a 20 inch (for walkers). In fact, a 20 inch is also suitable for runners.

Generally speaking, a 50 inch is the minimum belt length for walkers, a 55 inch is for runners, and a 60 inch is available for runners over 6 inches tall.

treadmill running

Some sizes of the treadmills

Once you have measured your own space to place a treadmill, you need to know how big home treadmill is. Common treadmills are approximately 7 inches in the length and 3 inches in the width. Others might be shorter or those require a lot of room when they are in use. Luckily, you enable to fold them after using.

Since foldable home treadmills are given many quality levels, you should look at the specifications and dimensions of one treadmill carefully before shopping. Do not forget to measure your space to be sure you have a suitable space in general.

Major kinds of the treadmills

Manual treadmills

If you want to adjust the incline to increase the strength of your workout, you will choose these manual treadmills with the incline manually.

In general, manual treadmills are not expensive than motorized treadmills. These also are safe for seniors as well. However, these are quite difficult to use as you need to have steady steps.

Folding Treadmills

If you are looking for a space-saving treadmill, then a folding treadmill will be your smart choice.

Folding treadmills are like manual types, but they can fold up for storage that is a convenient feature to save limited space such as for those who live in an apartment or studio only.

The only downside of these machines is that they are not suitable for taller runners and runners with longer strides.

Motorized treadmills

If you do not mind too much about the price range, then you could select a motorized treadmill. They are larger with lots of high-end features that most of the basic manual treadmills do not.

The drawback of these is that they do not have a quiet operation. When choosing, you should also take into account its power in the engine, its size of a running surface as well as its nature of the incline.


We hope that you will choose the best treadmill for your home use thanks to our buying guide. We have covered all the features and some important points of purchasing a treadmill. Do not forget to read the review of one product which you want to purchase.


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