Best Rowing Machine Reviews, Benefits, Types of Rowing Machines And Things to Consider Before Buying

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The higher our living standard, the more people have to deal with overweight and obesity. This is the reason why the fitness industry rapidly develops in most countries and regions. Among the great number of fitness equipment available on the market, rowing machines have become one of the favorite options thanks to their various noticeable personalities.

It is hard to decide the best rowing machine among tons of purchasing options without any analysis. The surprisingly strong development of rowers in both design and features, sometimes makes users feel confused in deciding the best home rowing machine. The fact that the best rowing machine not only provides a huge impact on burning calories and boosting muscles but also comes with a sleek design that attracts any users.

If you are in the marketplace to look for the best rowing machines, keep in mind that many important factors are worth considering. It does not always come true that a product with a high price will provide the best performance and vice versa. Then, to help you narrow down your decisions, we gladly conduct the best rowing machine reviews which are based on the opinions of professionals. Our rowing machines reviews focus on demonstrating top-rated rowing machines for your needs. Keep on reading and discover all you need for long-term goals of improving your physical and mental health.

Rowing Machine Benefits

The rowing machine benefits vary greatly into different categories, which leads to its remarkable popularity in the marketplace. Several statistics below promise to make you surprised by the abundant benefits of a rowing machine. A rowing machine could help you to burn up to 300 to 800 calories per hour. Wow, how wonderful it is! For people with obesity, let’s enjoy the benefit of rowing machines’ weight loss. Based on your specific requirements and other conditions related to age, weight, and physical status, you could easily choose the most suitable fitness levels for your demands. It strongly proves that the appearance of a rowing machine positively changes our life. For instance, using this machine helps you to lose weight effectively, build stronger muscles as well as improve your better cardiovascular health.

Training with the rowing machine requires you to do much effort on most of your body parts. Relax with the movement of calves, shoulders, quads, arms, and back. Other numerous rowing benefits could be listed here including the positive impact on stamina and reduction in stress, injury as well as heart disease.

Types of Rowing Machines

The resistance level is the major factor in diversifying different types of rowing machines. More resistance leads to more fitness workouts and a realistic rowing sensation.

Here are the top 4 common types of rowing machines that you can select from:

Air Resistance

Air resistance is defined as one of the most popular types on the market with the varieties of top high-end models. The principle of this machine is resistance speed which is created from the movement of the handle. When you pull the handle, it makes the spinning flywheel work and the wind is activated. You may find it easy to adjust the resistance level to be faster or slower by yanking on the handle. It’s completely up to you. This type of rowing machine is effectively recommended for both intermediate and advanced rowers.

Water Resistance

Being considered a professional device, the water-resistant machine is designed to keep up with the needs and demands of advanced users. Its realistic sensation as rowing on the actual water is created from new equipment of water tank and suspended paddles. One fact is that the harder you pull on the handle, the harder the resistance is created. By doing exercises with this type of machine, you have a chance to enjoy wave-like sounds like rowing on the water surface.

Piston Resistance

For people at the entry-level of rowing workouts, piston resistance is a great option. It works impressively with great ease of storage thanks to the small size and reasonable price. A piston-resistant rower equips two hydraulic pistons attached to each oar for keeping the body balance. Another big plus of using this tool is that you could set up the resistance level for your needs. Most piston-resistant machines nowadays offer textured and padded arms for surprising comfort. This design also helps the machine against becoming hotter for long hours of usage.

Magnetic Resistance

There is a variety of positive features when using a magnetic-resistant machine. As you know, this type of machine is regarded as the most popular and affordable option during the current years. Coming with a long seat rail and a brake system, it is very awesome for the remarkable quietness. However, with the lack of friction, it means the machine couldn’t offer effective workouts as same as other models in the same category.

Things to Consider Before Buying

To purchase the best rowing machines, you had better put into your account several important things below.


As you know, rowing machines vary greatly in different shapes and sizes. You should ensure that the machine fits your room well. Some people ignore this step and find that their machines are much bulkier than available space. Therefore, check carefully the product information before purchasing a rowing machine.

Workout Effectiveness

Each type of rowing machine will deliver specific workout effectiveness for different types of rowers. There are numerous purchasing options that you can choose from, including the workout levels for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Users should apply the best workout effectiveness to be suitable for their requirements the most. For example, an advanced rower seems not to be appropriate for beginners, whereas, users with higher rowing skills shouldn’t select the basic rower. Read the customer reviews before deciding to invest in a rowing machine.


Price is another important element that most people are concerned about before purchasing a rowing machine. Everyone always tries to find a product that matches their budget the most. You could check the latest price at at a better price. Commonly, the price tags of a good rowing machine often change from $300 to $1,000.

Wrapping Up

All in all, a rowing machine is regarded as a professional in the fitness industry. Exercising on a rower helps you to improve your physical health comprehensively, with a huge impact on all of your body parts such as muscles, heart, and more. Among the top 5 best rowing models above, we honestly recommend Concept2 Model D as the best purchasing option owing to the sleek design and high-end characteristics. Besides, if you are in the marketplace and looking for a more reasonable option, let’s take an in-depth look at Stamina 15-9003 Deluxe Conversion II Recumbent / Rower. Thousands of customers feel happy with our helpful suggestions, what about you?