Best Xterra Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike, Xterra Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike, Xterra SB550 Recumbent Bike Reviews

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Your family is looking for an indoor bike model for superficial level personal exercises, aimed at maintaining endurance, health, improving cardiovascular health, or improving the elderly’s health, so don’t skip this article. The article gives useful and specific information about three affordable indoor bicycles from the XTERRA Fitness brand, based on analysis and reputable users’ reviews. XTERRA products will accompany you on every journey you run every day. Taking care of your health is simpler and more accessible than ever.

About XTERRA Fitness

XTERRA Fitness is one of the world’s leading brands of indoor fitness equipment, in which it is impossible not to mention XTERRA spinning bikes. Each product is best-perfected to bring high quality and the perfect design to the living space, providing significant training experiences. In keeping with this form, each XTERRA Fitness product includes many unique features, such as an LCD control panel, easy-to-use Blue Backlit, advanced exercises, a durable and trendy look. At the same time, it is a lifetime premium warranty service from the company.

The company has spent more than three decades working with amateur and professional athletes, including sports enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts, developing its product line close to user needs. XTERRA always strives to improve health, fitness, and the feeling of training in the future.

The slogan offered by this manufacturer is “you just need to have goals, XTERRA will provide all the tools you need to achieve that ambition”.

XTERRA SB550 Recumbent Bike

(XTERRA SB550 Recumbent Bike)

Quality:4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)
Value of money:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Ease of use:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
Average:4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

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If you are looking to learn about XTERRA recumbent bikes, this article is for you. XTERRA SB550 recumbent bike is one of the best exercise bikes. That is an excellent choice for people with upper and lower body or leg or back problems. The reclining bike offers a very comfortable seat and wide backrest, so you only need to focus on performing your steps.

The XTERRA SB550 has a reclining design that allows you to put your weight on the seat and backrest, so your feet are less stressful than exercising. Unlike the indoor workout upright bike, the ergonomically designed recline bikes help limit the weight on your feet. Therefore, this is an ideal design for people with joint, leg, and elderly problems.

The SB550 is a family bike that all members can use, including young people, the elderly, or the middle-aged. For this reason, most families often choose them as the ideal home exercise machine. 

However, its limitation lies in the basic exercises. If you are looking for the ideal body like a professional athlete or model, this design doesn’t suit that. SB550 only provides simple activities to maintain health and exercise the body with gentle intensity. It would be best to find an elliptical machine or pre-set exercises that are difficult to match high-intensity training.

With a 3-part construction, SB550 has a load-bearing crank system and comes with a sturdy walking frame design that makes this bike sturdier and more durable than other bikes. This vehicle can withstand a maximum weight of up to 300 pounds. Surprisingly, wearing a sturdy chassis, but the car’s net weight is very light only about 128 pounds.

Like other indoor exercise bicycles, this bike provides resistance with a variety of resistance levels, increasing the exercise level’s difficulty. You also feel like you’re climbing a mountain. 

The SB550’s resistance system is completely friction-free with the magnetic resistance system and 20 different levels pre-installed. Depending on the level of resistance, you will feel the practice differently. The user’s seat is very comfortable and comfortable. SB550 provides a wide saddle with a high elastic foam seat cushion, making you feel relaxed and comfortable even if you have to ride for extended periods.


  • The 24 levels of resistance are gradually ascending, great for keeping the heart rate steady The machine is quiet and smooth, and the 22-pound flywheel makes exercise lighter Compact size, space-saving 
  • The screen is simple, easy to use 
  • Sturdy frame structure 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Convenient chest strap included


  • The volume of the control button is quite large and cannot be reduced 
  • Adjusting the seat is difficult because the seat is fixed quite hard
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XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike, Silver

(XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Bike)

Quality:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Value of money:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
Ease of use:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Average:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

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XTERRA fitness fb350 folding bike is an affordable, durable, and easy-to-use upright indoor workout bike. It mostly comes with a compact folding design and cushioned seats with a backrest. This is an improved and upgraded XTERRA spin bike from XTERRA Fitness FB150 with redesigned and top-rated seats. With a budget of less than $ 200, it’s an excellent choice for you and your family when looking for a superior fitness bike.

The XTERRA FB350 is a vertical indoor bike with an X-fold design. You won’t find any pre-programmed training programs; however, this bike offers eight different resistance levels, making practice more straightforward and more enjoyable. However, you must manually adjust the resistance. That is appropriate because XTERRA pricing is significantly lower than digital-equipped exercise machines.

The maximum load weight of this bike is 225 pounds, which is the lowest compared to other models. The large, self-adjustable seat with a backrest makes your lumbar more comfortable. The backrest is a huge plus point of this bike. However, its frame structure and functions are still necessary, not too different from the FB150 and suitable only for a mid-range workout level.

FB350 is also equipped with a pedal strap for the user. You cannot adjust the grip area, but the pulse clamp is integrated. The car comes with a convenient accessory bag, but there is no compartment for water bottles, speakers, training fans, or aux ports. The panel is simple and easy to use; however, you cannot change its angle. The car also lacks Bluetooth connectivity and is unable to store user profiles.

This exercise machine’s standard dimensions are 40.5 x 21 x 48 inches (length, width, and height, respectively), with a net weight of just 42 pounds. When folded, its dimensions decrease to only 20.5 x 21 x 50.5 inches. XTERRA Fitness‘s warranty for this product is one year for the frame and 90 days for the parts.


  • Affordable price
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Equipped with back straps and large seats
  • Save space


  • No Bluetooth connection 
  • Small minimum weight, only about 225lbs 
  • There is no pre-installed exercise program 
  • Cannot store user profiles
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XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike, Silver

(XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike, Silver)

Quality:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
Value of money:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
Ease of use:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
Average:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

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XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Bike is an economical and compact personal fitness indoor bike. You can fold it for storage and make the space in your home spacious. The car is designed in two eye-catching colors: silver and blue. A few detailed reviews on this XTERRA exercise bike model will help you make your decision easier.


  • Reasonable prices 
  • Can be folded and stowed neatly in a wardrobe, saving space 
  • Easy to assemble and install 
  • The detailed and modern workout tracking sheet 
  • Resistance increases gradually from low to high 
  • The car works smoothly even with high-intensity exercises 
  • The optimal choice for beginners or those who love to exercise with moderate intensity


  • No pre-installed exercise program included 
  • Training time tracking is done manually 
  • There is no backlight in the control panel 
  • There is no space to put water bottles and electronics 
  • The handlebar is challenging to adjust, hard to replace seats

The XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise bike doesn’t have many features, but it is a good exercise bike in return. However, it will not be suitable for those who love intense exercise but only for those who want to maintain general health or improve cardiovascular health.

For users looking for a compact workout, the XTERRA FB150 is ideal with a length of just about 20 inches horizontally and vertically. The plus point lies in comfortable training. The saddle is wide and padded, so you don’t have to worry about pain in exercise. The handle is padded for comfort and comfort. The LCD screen helps you track your heart rate, calories burned, distance, and speed. You can accomplish the goals you set on a single device.

This bike’s saddle is attached to a vertical post, similar to conventional bicycles, but with a more rigid three-pin fixed triangle pin. You can replace it with a different saddle, but it is not easy, and the feeling is also higher than a regular bike.

It offers you a quality exercise bike with lots of great features. You can choose between setting it up on your own or having the expert set the program in your exercise machine. Although the product comes with a user manual that helps you assemble them, you can also rely on someone to help you improve because you won’t necessarily do it yourself.

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The above are general and detailed assessments of 3 popular family bikes in the market. Hopefully, these shares can help you make the right choice. XTERRA Fitness understands that health is an essential factor contributing to happiness in everyone’s life. Every product from this manufacturer uses top-of-the-line materials with high-strength steel and durable motors, maintaining your workouts’ speed and duration. Besides, XTERRA’s warranty is very reliable. Investing in health is a wise priority.

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