Top Rowing Machine Technique Tips from 10 Rowing Experts

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Along with the higher living standard, people start caring more and more about their health and beauty. That is the reason why fitness equipment continuously ranks high position in the marketplace. One fact is that many manufacturers nowadays attempt to bring the best product performance and customer service to users. Among a great number of models available on the fitness industry, rowing machine becomes one of the most outstanding recommendations for both indoor and outdoor activities. It is definitely regarded as an effective way of burning calories and keeping your body beauty.

For some people, the rowing machine may be challengeable because of high technology and strict techniques. Using this type of machine in the wrong way can lead to damages and less training efficiency. So, in order to help our readers familiarize themselves with the accurate methods and avoid common mistakes, we’ve gathered 10 articles from the best rowing experts. These articles cover some basic rowing machine technique tips to help you succeed in the world of rowing.

1. Hannah Caldas –

As a successful athlete in swimming background, Hannah becomes a hopeful not only of Portugal but also the global world. More recently, she shares deep knowledge about fitness methods to other swimmers and triathletes.

Rowing Tips and Drills from Olympic Medalist Magda Fularczyk

According to her, “I had never rowed in my life until I started CrossFit, and to my surprise, I wasn’t all that bad – at least as times are concerned. I consistently mastered most workouts where rowing was included, with fairly decent splits, and seemed to be able to hang with the best of them. But up until recently, my rowing was limited to sitting on a Concept 2 ergometer and just going.”

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2. Leta Shy –

Leta Shy is known as an experienced fitness editor of the well-known Her articles contribute a lot to readers, especially helping them find great solutions to their health and beauty.

Overlooked and Underappreciated: How to Use the Rowing Machine

She shares her opinions “Before you start, there are a few things to note about using the rowing machine. Make sure you wear formfitting clothes, otherwise you risk getting fabric caught in it while working out.”
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3. Sean Bowden –

Before joining Oxford, Sean Bowden has been known as a successful athlete of a rowing team. More recently, he shares his valuable experience to help readers reach the best success of fitness in general and rowing in particular.

Perfect Your Rowing Machine Technique

He shares his ideas starting with “Jumping on the rower is more effective than resistance training for shifting belly fat, found a new study by Duke University. And this kind of aerobic exercise was also found to be more efficient: in the study, those doing CV training spent about 30% less time working out per week than the iron-pumping participants. Get more from your cardio sessions with these pointers.”

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4. Alex Orlov –

Next up is Alex Orlov, who has a remarkable passion for different fields including athletics, health, and fitness. She is also an assistant editor in getting successful experience at the collegiate level in synchronized team skating, rowing, and Ultimate Frisbee.

6 Rowing Machine Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

In her articles, Alex Orlov clarifies the reasons causing to rowing failure and their solutions: “Not sure how to work out on a rowing machine without looking like a total fish out of water? It’s easy to make mistakes when using a rower, officially known as an “ergometer,” the first couple of times. But you’d be crazy to avoid the machine altogether out of sheer embarrassment.”

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5. Kristy Parrish –

As a talent woman, Kristy Parrish plays different roles of a teacher, athlete, and editor.

How to Improve Your Rowing Technique

In this post, she shows fantastic experience about an efficient way to reach the best rowing result: “Understanding the rower, combined with better technique, can help you start turning your weakness into strength – today.”

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6. Beth Rifkin –

As a bachelor of Business Administration from Temple University, Beth Rifkin shows her passion for health and fitness industry. Her major bylines could be listed here such as “Tennis Life”, “Ms. Fitness”, etc…

Proper Form on a Rowing Machine

Beth Rifkin starts with the comparison between rowing machine and other fitness equipment “Though the rowing machine isn’t as sought after as the treadmill or elliptical in most gyms, it is a highly effective calorie-burning and muscle-building form of exercise. Every muscle group in your body is engaged during the rowing process, which can provide a challenging cardiovascular workout. Proper form can help you to maximize your results.”

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7. Elizabeth Quinn –

Being an excellent exercise physiologist and fitness consultant, Elizabeth Quinn provides informative suggestions in sports medicine, injuries, and training techniques.

How to Use the Rowing Machine

It is advisable for you to follow her article by “With the proper technique, rowing will work all the major muscle groups of the core, arms, and legs in a balanced manner. Be sure to warm up before your workout.”

The full article can be shown here

8. Sian Lewis –

Another editor I am an avid follower of is Sian Lewis. She is not only known as a successful writer, but also a sporty addict.

Best results from the rowing machine

Sian Lewis shares in her article that “The rowing machine is an effective piece of cardiovascular gym kit that uses your entire body. ‘It’s a great way to warm up because it works for all the major muscle groups while strengthening the core,’ says personal trainer John Penny, gym manager at Reebok Sports Club (”

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9. Kay Ireland –

Being known as a professional in health, fitness, and lifestyle, Kay Ireland supports people so much in guiding them to reach the best training results.

Rowing Machine Tips

In this article, she approves the ideas “Just make sure you know what you’re doing so your foray into rowing doesn’t turn you into an injured landlubber.”

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10. Mohit Gianchandani – has been known as one of the most reliable websites for providing all you need about rowing techniques and equipment. The website has a team of professional writers to tell you honest experience about rowing.

Safety tips while working out on a rowing machine

In this post, the author Mohit Gianchandani clarifies important factors leading to the effectiveness of using a rowing machine “There are a few things you should keep in mind before you start a safe workout. First of all and the most basic one is to prevent twisting and turning the rowing handle on either side. Always keep it in a straight line. Ignoring this means you are inviting some serious injuries.”

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Hope these helpful articles will support you so much in your long-term training goals. Good luck!

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