Best Sole TT8 Treadmill Review – Buying Guide For Sole TT8 Light Commercial Non-Folding Treadmill With Incline & Decline Settings

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Sole Fitness has led the home treadmills market for many years. Not only that, but the demand of commercial establishments is also not out of their hands. The Sole TT8 treadmill is one of their top treadmill models. It gets many beliefs from users. In this review, we will give you an overview of it.


Sole TT8 Light Commercial Non-Folding Treadmill
(SOLE TT8 Light Commercial Non-Folding Treadmill with Incline & Decline Settings)

Quality:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Value of money:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Ease of use:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
Average:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

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Sole Fitness TT8 treadmill is a trusted cardio trainer because it can help many people improve their health conditions. Besides, the treadmill price is suitable. If you have an average life, owning this treadmill is not tricky. Sole TT8 price in stores is $3,499, including delivery. However, for affordable private use, it is now for sale at $2,299. Sole Fitness TT8 treadmill is a non-foldable model. It is sold with a warranty for home studios and gyms in offices.

The Sole fitness TT8 treadmill shows the training on the best treadmill display from Sole. Our review finds that its adjustable control panel comes with a 10.1-inch graphic. Also, its most significant acreage is 22 “x 60”. This feature is available from Sole Fitness. Moreover, it has four shifts for smooth, low-maintenance operation and runs on standard 3-inch castors to minimize noise and wear and tear.

The TT8 treadmill’s cushioning system keeps running on a saltwater treadmill up to 40% softer than running on asphalt. The Whisper Deck also helps mute the sound of every step for a quieter workout.

Everyone finds it not difficult to monitor their heart rate by using the touch sensor on the handlebar. Also, you can adjust it by using the wireless chest strap (sold separately).

Outstanding features of Sole TT8 treadmill

  • The treadmill offers high-performance components. Our TT8 review sees that it has an almost noiseless 4.0 CHP engine, an extra-large four-ply caterpillar, and 3-inch wheels. All of them support low maintenance.
  • In the lineup, only this product drops in performance beyond the incline. It allows you to adjust the range from -6% to 15% during training with steering wheel-based controls.
  • The Sole fitness TT8 treadmill also comes with a suitable data display from Sole Fitness. It has a 10.1-inch graphic collection, a connection, and a loudspeaker for MP3 players.
  • Treadmill has a trach of 22 inches wide. The extra width of the run is 60 inches. It allows runners to run comfortably without having to focus on their position constantly.
  • In addition to the uphill function, TT8 also has a simulated downhill running operation. The gradient range is -6% to 15%. The palm rest behind the panel is where the tilt settings are set.
  • The Sole TT8 light commercial incline treadmill chain is of excellent quality which has a 3-inch roller and four layers of material. Plus, it challenges the time damages its functions.
  • Sole TT8 is not foldable. It is superior in terms of build and overall quality. A compact treadmill may be more suitable for those who expect to move their treadmill often.

Bluetooth integration and mobile exercise apps

The only fitness tt8 treadmill that allows users to connect Bluetooth and devices with the Sole Fitness app. It is for Android and iOS devices. Users can combine it with unlimited user profiles. Besides, during exercise, the application will save the training history. It can also share your practicing workout with any cloud. Plus, the treadmill has built-in Bluetooth so that you can stay connected to your device in any situation. Don’t forget to connect your treadmill to other workout apps like FitBit, MyFitnessPal, etc. It will help you improve all steps in your workout progress.

Exercise program

Our review will introduce you to the training courses available on the treadmill. The Sole TT8 light commercial incline treadmill offers up to 10 workouts for you to choose from. It is similar to other treadmill workouts. There are multiple modes to choose from, including manual mode, two heart rate workouts, two user-defined programs. In addition, you can experience the five classic exercises: Cardio, Hill, Interval, Fatburn, and Strength. During the workout, you also see differences in the speed and incline control programs. These settings can be set for different periods.


  • Groove quality: self-lubricating sharp grooves to reduce maintenance requirements. The cheap spikes usually only have one layer. Meanwhile, treadmill rails have more layers than that. These are rubber, nylon, and PVC grades. These combinations are not susceptible to abuse, are durable, and avoid the accumulation of static electricity.
  • Low Step Height: The height of this treadmill is only 8 inches tall. It will never trip players. You can safely exercise and comfortably step on and off this treadmill.
  • Monitor: The treadmill’s motor is 4.0 CHP. It’s quiet and doesn’t make any noise. Also, it comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. When you do sprint and interval training, it supports a high speed of 20 km/h.
  • Quality department: As the face of Sole, it has a great engine. Powerful motor, durable floor, thick belt to help you have practical exercises with regular use. While other treadmills have 2-inch rollers, TT8 offers 3-inch rollers. It reduces friction on the belt, helps increase the contact area, and prolongs the life of the engine and belt.
  • Runway size: TT8 treadmill can be run super-wide up to 20 inches. Its length is up to 60 inches. So you don’t need to worry about the distance. Compared with other brands, this running size is outstanding enough to satisfy users.
  • Lean and Fall: The route offers 30 levels of incline with up to 15% for improved calorie burning and cardio challenge. You can also reduce it to 6%.
  • Comfortable arm buttons: We found that you can freely adjust functions using the buttons on the treadmill’s arms. They are very convenient and easy to adjust while you are using them.
  • High Capacity: The maximum weight this treadmill can accommodate is up to 400 pounds. No matter how big you are, you can use it for a long time.
  • Large screen: Workout data is displayed on a 10.1” screen. Don’t you know that it is Sole’s most advanced graphic display? In addition, It can show the workout progress on the practitioner’s tablet or smartphone.
  • Floors: CushionFlex Whisper Sole laminate flooring technology helps to minimize the impact compared to other surfaces. This high-quality deck also minimizes impact noise during practice. Plus, it is reversible for twice as long.
  • Preset Workouts: It offers ten training modes with manual modes and custom routines, available for cardio support, weight loss, and muscle building. Two users can save profiles and save custom procedures.
  • Guaranteed: Sole Fitness is a leader in the contracted treadmill industry. It gives you lifetime protection for the frame, engine, and deck for private and fair-trade use. Plus, the manufacturer offers a multi-year guarantee for parts and two years of on-site labor. The light commercial warranty covers three years of features and one year of on-site work.
  • Storage space: Sole fitness TT8 treadmill with tablet/cell phone holder, two side pockets, one center compartment, and three additional pockets.
  • Audio: Our treadmill review found that it has a built-in speaker for your music player. Thus, it allows you to connect music via Bluetooth.
  • Extras: It has a built-in Bluetooth audio speaker stand, tablet PC, and USB charging port.
  • Responsive Customer Service: While it doesn’t have a live chat, customer service can respond by phone or email.


  • Large size: With a deck measuring 36 x 82 inches, the Sole TT8 requires a large enough exercise room. It’s about the size of a regular gym treadmill. Therefore, it is not suitable for use at home.
    Low Power Fan: While the dual fan is good, it doesn’t deliver the airflow you expected.
  • For light business facilities, the Sole TT8 treadmill is a low-maintenance choice. In a home gym, it can supply a generation or more. The most important specifications include an uphill/downhill simulation training with incline performance, a super-quiet 4.0 CHP engine, a 22 “x 60” track, and ten training programs.

Also, it’s easy to set up exercises using the 10.1 ” console screen or a Bluetooth-compatible mobile device with the Sole Fitness, a fitness app. Using the app has the benefits of storing data and syncing statistics with all-in-one fitness apps. MyFitnessPal and iHealth are now connected to your treadmill. Moreover, this mobile app can run smoothly in the background. So, you can watch videos on Youtube or use other apps while exercising.


Through our review, you may find one of the best treadmills for light commercial environments. Sole TT8 light commercial incline treadmill is always a good choice in all cases. It offers an affordable mix of high-performance components, digital entertainment, and programmable workouts. Don’t just always think about the Sole TT8 treadmill price; let look at the best features it bring to you.

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