Best Sole E95 Elliptical Review – Buying Guide For Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine

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The Sole E95 Elliptical is an excellent elliptical for workouts fans looking for the best of the best in the comfort of their own home. It is not the ideal home elliptical trainer. It provides all of the speed and adjustability you want.

You pay extra for this instructor’s high-tech bells, and whistles, which implies the device synchronizes with your activity trackers and keeps its data, allowing know that a lot in your house to save their improvement over time and start-up wherever they stepped onto the machine.

That being said, this cutting-edge equipment can assist you in setting and achieving fitness objectives. You can rely on it to be secure and long-lasting. If you want to have an objective view of the outstanding features of this machine, read this SOLE E95 Elliptical review now.

SOLE E95 Elliptical with Built in Speakers
(SOLE E95 Elliptical with Built in Speakers)

Quality:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
Value of money:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Ease of use:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Average:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

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Quick Summary

The Sole E95 Elliptical has become a famous front-drive trainer for years and years. Now that it’s been modified, it’s a shiny star. The fundamental improvement is the ability to safely connect and synchronize your mobile phone for onboard entertainment and usage with Sole’s health app. The performance characteristics are a 27-pound motor for exceptionally smooth action, a maximum pace length of 20 inches with electronically controlled, and 20 mechanical means governed propensity levels.

The Sole E95 Elliptical’s numerous stride duration and angle variations make it a valuable instrument for mass management. In addition to cardiovascular capacity, lower-extremity muscle training is recommended. When you add a moving handlebar, it gives an effective cross trainer for the entire body. The E95’s data screen is the greatest in Sole’s elliptical lineup. The 10.1-inch screen features enhanced visuals and brightness and contrasts blue against the white color scheme for easier reading.

Besides, the new Sole E95 control panel has one to wait for a tablet or phone for you to use while exercising comfortably. It allows you to replace the fitness monitor and leisure display. You can use your smartphone to access the Sole Fitness App. to create and conduct elliptical training plans, watch Netflix, and transfer fitness information to other exercise tracking applications. Bluetooth built-in speakers, cooling fans, and a USB charging connector are available on the E95 console.

Besides, it incorporates movable armbars for cumulative workouts and stationary grips with heart rate monitoring. The new E95 has a 10.1-inch console screen, ten apprenticeship programs, and a Bluetooth connection for sharing workout performance measures with 3rd health. iHealth and MyFitnessPal are two examples of fitness apps that you can access. Consumers can easily connect their devices like fitness trackers, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. The Sole E95, like private gym ellipticals, has additional amenities to improve convenience and incentives.


The Sole E95 is an excellent pick since it is appropriate for all skill levels, accommodates most sizes, and provides club-quality exercises at a home gym budget. The key features include a 27-pound magnetic front motor, a 20-inch stride length, and 20 inclination levels. Here are some further details about the E95’s characteristics.

Workout Programs

The training selection on all Sole elliptical trainers is the same. It offers ten training programs that you can change whenever you want. All included basic elliptical workouts, pulse rate programs, and user-created strength training. Plus, the programs constantly alter the inclination and intensity of the machine. You may choose the length of your workouts.

Manual, Hill Climb, Cardio, Fat Burn, Interval, and Strength are the six standard elliptical training routines. Two more programs employ heart rate data from a wireless heart monitor to help you keep a consistent level of exercise. The user defines the final two programs.

Quality and Stability

The device weighs 236 pounds and can withstand up to 400 pounds of weight, indicating its sturdiness. For some consumers, the assembly manual was insufficiently informative.

Nevertheless, the firm includes all of the necessarily suitable techniques with the gadget. Not to mention the problems that can be self-assembled, the Sole E95 is ideal for steadiness and durability because its massive flywheel structure with magnetic reluctance promotes fast, fluid motion.

The flywheel of an elliptical determines how good the ride is, and more giant flywheels provide more effective spinning, allowing for a fast and silent ride. Most home ellipticals have flywheel weights of 15 to 20 pounds. However, the flywheel on the Sole E95, on the other hand, weighs a whopping 27 pounds.

Dimensions and Comfort

The Sole E95 isn’t the right choice if you want a gym machine that fits in a moderate space at home and can move or organize them easily. Its footprint specs are 83″ L x 32″ W x 71″ H and weighs 248 lbs. Because it’s thinner than other cross trainers, it’s easy to store against a wall.

Nonetheless, this elliptical trainer is designed to remain stationary and lacks a fold-up capability for conserving floor area. It has wheels to assist you in rolling it when you need to relocate it, but there’s no method of keeping it from becoming 7 feet long.

Sole E95 is designed to be space-friendly and adaptable. The foot pedals are padded, and the arm bars have contoured grips to reduce hand and foot fatigue while in use. The pedals can be adapted to 20 different incline levels, evolving the optimal setting contour of your training activity.


The Sole E95 has a substantial 10-inch full-color graphic screen and several high-tech capabilities. In addition to the ten built-in automated training plans, you may design your own and store them on the gadget beneath your user account.

The gadget supports two personal profiles, each of which remembers different programs and goal settings. The heart rate monitoring capabilities of this machine are fantastic. To keep an eye on your pulse, you can grasp the sensors. Plus, let use the Bluetooth heart monitor that comes with or use the console’s digital display to get better workouts.

The information gathered by the device during your workout sessions may be connected in real-time through Bluetooth to smartphone applications such as iHealth and MyFitnessPal, which automatically monitor your progress in achieving goals.

The built-in audio loudspeaker also includes Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect it to your tablet or phone and listen to music or other entertainment while working out.

On the console, there’s a media shelf where you can easily place your tablet or phone, as well as a USB connector for charging it.

Warranty and dependability

The Sole E95 Elliptical is covered by a lifetime frame guarantee, a 5-year assurance on components and electronics, and a 2-year warranty on in-home labor.

The device’s structure is built of heavy-duty steel, and it has a robust, durable design. Some of the concerns that consumers encountered with Sole’s previous E35 model were addressed in the E95 design, making it even more dependable.

SOLE E95 Elliptical with Built in Speakers
(SOLE E95)

Quality:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
Value of money:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Ease of use:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Average:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

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Who should buy the Sole E95 Elliptical?

Because of the various resistance levels, it is ideal for trainers of all strength and flexibility. A minimum stride length of 20 inches is best suited for ordinary to a higher stature. If you have a quick stride, the Sole E95s with a range of 18′′ to 24′′ may be a better fit. Plus, this elliptical trainer is sold in many stores, so you don’t have to worry about them being out of stock.

The SOLE E95 quickly receives a five-star rating on Amazon and is an excellent buy in its price range. This machine provides enjoyable exercise for all users, includes enjoyment with MP3 player connectivity and a tablet holder, and is designed to last for years. There are several explanations why our SOLE E95 Elliptical review ranks it so highly. After experiencing engaging exercises on Sole E95, you will understand why.


  • The Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical machine brings a power-adjustable inclination mechanism with a max stride length of 20 inches.
  • Flywheel weight is 27 lbs.
  • There are ten fitness regimens.
  • This one has a 14-inch step-up height, which is utterly typical for these machines.
  • 1-inch graphic display.
  • It can incorporate a mobile phone as a training monitor.
  • It offers Bluetooth synchronization with fitness applications for mobile devices.
  • Heart rate regulation.
  • It supports wireless heartbeat and comes with a free HR chest strap.
  • Contact pulse sensors are placed on stationary handles.
  • Armbars are being moved.
  • The footprint is more significant than that of previous Sole models (82′′L x 31′′W).
  • Adjusting the Dial “Worm Drive” is a game-changing advancement that allows the user to create the angle of your foot pedal. Another cool feature of Sole customization is that you can easily adjust the pedals to match the way you walk.
  • Foot pedals that are oversized (with durable foam padding and a 2-degree inward slope) to assist decrease ankle and knee discomfort.
  • The 400-pound weight capability is impressive.
  • Tablet holder built-in.
  • Bluetooth built-in speakers
  • USB port for charging.
  • There is a cooling fan and a stainless steel waterkeeper.
  • It has outstanding customer service, and a good ensure.


  • Not recommended for persons with short strides.
  • You cannot download new exercises.
  • It is neither compact nor foldable.


Overall, the new SOLE Fitness E95 Elliptical machine is the best buy treadmill that you need to consider. This low-cost elliptical machine offers spa-quality workouts and includes a comprehensive insurance policy. Benefits result from making organic strides with minimum joint stress and employing 20 angled routes for additional calorie burn and stunning muscle development. The E95 can also communicate with smartphones and fitness apps to improve your workouts and effectiveness. Moreover, it is now for sale on Amazon, so you can quickly get it at the best price.

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