Best Nordictrack GX 2.7 U Upright Bike Review – Buying Guide Nordictrack Bike GX 2.7

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(NordicTrack GX 2.7 U Stationary Exercise Bike)

Quality:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Value of money:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
Ease of use:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)
Average:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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NordicTrack GX 2.7 is regarded as one of the best-ranked exercise bikes that provide exemplary performance, are outfitted with modern features, and are reasonably priced. This exercise bike is an upright cycle that is suitable for everyone.

The main reasons why NordicTrack is so popular with the general public. The exercise bike has a 5″ LCD, an iFit subscription, a lighted screen, and a customizable console. As a result, users may personalize the console to their liking.

More information, including a full NordicTrack GX 2.7 upright bike review, can be found here. This training equipment also boasts a large, padded seat that provides users with ample extra padding. The addition of comfy pedals, one-touch settings, several degrees of difficulty, and an audio system improves the fitness bike’s usage.

Who is most suited?

The NordicTrack Bike GX 2.7 is an excellent piece of workout equipment for anyone who prefers low-impact exercise machines. Users who seek to lose weight and keep robust heart health should choose this training equipment. It is regarded as one of the finest exercise bikes for home with a low price, exceptional performance, and an excellent feature set.

This exercise bike is ideal for developing their lumbar, legs, hamstrings, quadriceps, and thigh muscles. Users who are always concerned about joint and knee problems should choose this training equipment. This exercise machine is comfortable and doesn’t take any damages to your knees and joints. It also gives correct aerobic workout sessions. Those looking to invest in a spec-wise with all valuable details at a reasonable price may consider purchasing this gear.

NordicTrack GX 2.7 U Stationary Exercise Bike Features

Heart rate monitor

NordicTrack workout device consists of a double cardio grip. It makes users possible to track their heart rate using pulse rate monitors incorporated into the bike’s handlebars.

Cooling fans

This exercise bike incorporates a CoolAire exercise fan that can change its speed depending on the severity of the daily workouts. With the addition of chilly air, consumers can maintain their training sessions more engaging.

LCD Display

The exercise bike features a 5″ backlit LCD dashboard with titling capabilities. Thus, it allows users to rearrange the panel to their liking. Moreover, it displays time, length, pulse rate, resistance level, and calories burnt. It incorporates one-touch systems that allow users to regulate the intensity by pressing a button on the handlebars. The console has two 2″ speakers, a cooling fan, and an MP3 player or phone connection. This dashboard provides exercise information, including a dedicated speed meter and a graphic depiction of the quarter-mile racetrack.

20 Workout programs

In addition to the iFit choices, this NordicTrack GX 2.7 has 20 built-in routines. There are ten calorie-based routines and ten performance-based programs. They will all automatically change the complexity and time for you.

Adjustable Seat

This workout cycle has a seat that can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. It allows customers to adjust the seat to their preferences. Users may improve their exercises by adjusting their seats and finding a suitable workout posture.

Magnetic Resistance

This piece of training equipment is powered by quiet magnetic resistance that offers 20 various degrees of strength. As a result, customers have many alternatives for making their training tougher with varying resistance levels. The iFit training software allows users to choose from various training activities and then utilize different resistance levels to reach their goals.


The workout bike is supported with comfy pedals that have changeable straps. These straps assist users in maintaining their feet securely on the pedals and avoiding injuries due to pedal disparity.

Flywheel weight

This exercise bike is propelled by a 15-pound flywheel that provides smooth, steady, and robust operation. It improves the ride much better, notably when the difficulty is altered from medium to moderate and vice versa.

Pulse Grip Type

The cardiograph touch sensors on the machine’s handlebars are incorporated into the design of the spin bike.

High capacity

The exercise bike has a strong frame that can sustain a heavy capacity of 275 Ibs for best performance.

Sound System

The two 2″ speakers on this spin bike are built for peak effectiveness. Users may access their favorite music, movies, and other stuff by connecting their smartphones or MP3 players.

Water Bottle Holder

This NordicTrack Bike GX 2.7 does not include a stainless steel water holder.

Electrical Outlets Required

A power adaptor powers this exercise equipment to continue operating and provide a terrific training experience.

Compact size

With a weight of 74 pounds, this exercise bike is a little piece of equipment that is easy to operate and store. Also, this size is light enough for you to carry handles and transport wheels.

Transport wheel

The transport wheels make it possible for customers to store the exercise bike after daily workouts.

(NordicTrack GX 2.7 U Stationary Exercise Bike)

Quality:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Value of money:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
Ease of use:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)
Average:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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Pros of the Nordictrack GX 2.7 Exercise Bike

  • Flywheel Weight: 15 lb: A heavier flywheel on a bike provides a smoother ride. The Nordictrack GX 2.7 has a 15 pound increased balanced flywheel. Although it isn’t the heaviest one available, it is definitely on the hefty side, good for the price. Also, it results in a smooth process.
  • Console Adjustment: You may adjust and rotate the console to suit your needs. It is a terrific technique to ensure that you’re receiving a pleasant refreshing breeze precisely wherever you want it with the panel fans. It also allows you to personalize the bike for individuals and families.
  • 20 Levels of Resistance: This is a substantial resistance, so you didn’t have to consider the possibility of running out of resistance levels a few months after acquiring the bike. One-touch resistance controls on the console allow you to alter the strength with a single button rather than navigate your selections.
  • iFit program: It’s a fantastic feature because iFit LIVE isn’t available on all Nordictrack versions. Users can use iFit LIVE to download the latest exercises from the Internet to their bikes. Plus, you can race against friends on Facebook, analyze your activity and nutrition online, create new health goals, and much more. It’s a well-known technology that can transform a mundane bike out of your exercise studio.
  • There are 20 levels of resistance.
  • You can adjust the LCD console, iFit compatibility, and an iPod port
  • Dual built-in speakers
  • The cool air fan
  • Back up the valid warranty
  • Pedals with straps that are comfortable
  • Transportation wheels are provided.
  • Movable seat to accommodate all types of users
  • Touch sensors for cardio grip

Cons of the Nordictrack GX 2.7 Upright

So, does this bike have any flaws? There appear to be a few things you should be wary about.

For example, iFit LIVE does need the sale of an iFit Module to connect it to your console (about $99, which you can receive when you purchase your bike directly from manufacturers). The cycle does not need the usage of iFit (or the built-in workouts or other features). Nevertheless, if you get bored quickly and need a push, it could be worth the investment.

Additionally, the number of support levels (20) should be plenty for most individuals – but if you are an experienced rider, you may wish to increase the amount of resistance for a more significant challenge.

  • Cyclists must purchase a subscription to iFit separately.
  • Some users may find the degrees of resistance less difficult.
  • Customer service is inadequate.
  • The wireless chest strap is not supported.

Although among NordicTrack’s entry-level upright cycles, the GX 2.7 for sale has an exercise selection that matches processes at various price points, such as the Sole Fitness B94. The B94, on the other hand, has two additional subcategories than the GX 2.7, with two custom-built and two heart rate services available in addition to the six integrated exercises.

However, despite their strong track record on treadmills and elliptical machines, Sole does not offer an online health monitoring system like iFit. As we said in our NordicTrack GX 2.7 upright bike review, iFit can be used to obtain customized programs, track your health and nutrition, and even integrate exercise information from indoor and outdoor activities using wearable technology.


The NordicTrack GX 2.7 U Stationary Exercise Bike is one of the top alternatives for home users due to its powerful performance and advanced functionality. It is a low-cost entry-level version that includes all of the essential features of a modern spin bike.

This exercise bike is simply a godsend for users who want simple, straightforward workout equipment that does not overwhelm customers with sophisticated features. The comfortable seat makes the low-impact training sessions possible, allowing users to adjust quickly and the pedals.

The flexible LCD console with configurable features and iFit connectivity gives customers a new platform to experiment with different fitness regimens. Thus, when compared to its pricing, the characteristics that this exercise bike provides are very fantastic.

As a result, if you want to engage in a piece of entry-level exercise machines that are driven by incredible features and functionality, the NordicTrack Bike GX 2.7 has to be the best purchase exercise bike for the year to have an exceptional training session.

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