25 Best Motivation Keto Quotes And Funny Ketosis Meme That’ll Make You More Motivated!

Most of us always dream of being a “hot body” which constantly talks about Keto. However, they still want to lose weight while holding a chicken burger with some chips. Then they honestly said that it’s will change your life if you’re full in this keto. 

We know it’s really hard to change from high-carb to low-carb but necessarily, you should try your best and need to get through that day to become healthier. These Ketosis meme will help you relax and complete Keto journey days.

non-keto dieters will never understand how hard it is to be in a keto diet. Is it too little or green? It seems toilsome but it works. 

It’s fully delicious but you don’t eat. For better, just eat toppings. We can eat later or not but not now. You could drink coffee instead. 

Coffee is the only mine. Do not take away my coffee ….  

Butter is everything. What is the carb? I don’t mind carb. Butter is still the best. 

The feeling when you are finally in ketosis. Achieving the goal is not easy but I did. 

It’s a struggling couple but it’s real LOL. But to be honest, staying up late is not good for our health, especially if we’re in ketosis. 

Clothes are important. We can’t wait to hang out and buy some new clothes despite being ketosis journey. 

Eating is amazing. Let me eat. This is my face when some people say my food is not healthy. 

After finishing your meals and realize that you forgot to track your macros. That’s all awful. 

The Keto journey is serious. Calculating steps by step. No more fat in our meal. 

Remember that carbs are the devil.

If you want more fat, eat more avocados. It’s delicious, healthy, and FAT. 

…… No smell, it’s a wall. 

When you’re in keto, we can’t cheat. Cheating is not sustainable and you’ll get keto flu soon. 

Forecast of the day. 

This is my face when I say to my friend that in my dressing there’s 1g of net carb. 

Are there any means when your keto helps you full stomach all day? 

Sugar is extremely more addictive than any drug. When you realize that, I am sure it’s surprising. 

While you want more carbs but you just have to say no. When carbs are looking at you and you’re trying to ignore them. You’re going in the right way. 

Carbs are in restaurants, schools, offices,… and even in my house. Carbs are everywhere. 

It’s not photoshopped but some keto critics said that it’s all fake. 


I’m trying to go to bed soon to get up early to do morning exercises but this is my Keto life. 

The moment you realize your dinner has no carbs and you will eat like this next day with no rice, bread, pasta,.. anymore. 

Figuring everything is serious, but it’s for beginners. 

Can you please have a few minutes and discuss ketosis with me? 

Did you enjoy our funny Keto quotes and memes?  We’re all hoping that these keto memes funny and quotes can help you be interesting and relaxing.