Keto Diet Do’s And Don’ts – Expert Guideline For You

Are you lacking knowledge regarding the keto diet? You don’t know what to do with the keto diet? The following article will hopefully help you with problems related to Keto Diet Dos And Don’ts.

In a recent small-scale study of 3,000 people from Harvard, about 30% of people pursuing a keto diet in the US have no real grasp of the ketogenic diet do’s and don’ts. This is an alarming thing. If you don’t know these basics, your diet will be almost worthless. The following will be our analysis in this regard.

This diet’s essence is to minimize the number of carbs and maximize the amount of fat in the daily meal. The goal is for your body to be forced to switch to burning excess fat and external fat to create energy to feed the body. From there, you can lose weight quickly. However, this is like a double-edged sword. If you do not apply it properly, it will backfire.

Myths to avoid when on a keto diet

If you’re new to the keto diet, here’s a list of the mistakes you can most likely make while on a keto diet. Getting to grips with these common mistakes will help you gain confidence and practice your diet more effectively.

1. Eat too little fat

You need to understand that the focus on maintaining a low amount of carbs per day is not the decisive factor in your weight loss; the deciding factor should be enough fat intake. Only then can ketosis take place, and excess fat in your body is burned effectively. More specifically, to minimize the risk of side effects, you should choose 100% organic fats such as organic nuts and fruits rich in fats and need to be limited to maximum amounts of synthetic greases.

2. Eat too much protein

You also need to pay attention to the amount of protein taken into the body. It should be of a degree, not too little, and not too much. It would help if you had enough protein to compensate for the excess fat burning, allowing the energy generated focus on building muscle and building blood. But too much will backfire. Overusing protein by thinking it is not starch will cause your body to fall into gluconeogenesis. This is the process of hydrolysis of proteins into amino acids and glucose. This is like eating carbs. Your diet plan will go bankrupt.

3. Not hard at drinking water

Many people are too lazy to drink water while on a keto diet. However, this is an extremely disadvantageous point. Water plays an extremely large role in the process of burning fat into energy. Not only that, but it also helps you to replenish the necessary electrolytes most naturally. In other words, you cannot be dehydrated if you want to lose weight effectively.

4. Lack of sleep

The switch from burning glucose to burning fat will not be pleasant. You need plenty of rest so that your body doesn’t become exhausted, especially in the early stages. You may get keto flu at the beginning of the diet, but this will soon end when you go on the second week.

5. Drink plenty of milk

You may have difficulty adhering to a strict keto diet when using milk. It is a food containing a variety of nutrients, including carbs, proteins, and fats. It would help if you were careful with this drink when you go on a keto diet.

6. Using too many sweets

Many sweets are being marketed as suitable for the keto diet, but be careful with the ingredients. Many ingredients are essentially sugar and contain many calories inside. If you don’t pay attention, you have no control over how many calories you absorb each day.

When you eat too many sweets, though, it can be artificially sweet. However, this is not good in the long run. You will fall into a craving for sugar and a desire for sweetness and making it increasingly difficult for you to stick to the keto diet.

7. Don’t pay attention to the electrolytes

The downside of a keto diet is that you won’t get enough electrolytes, and they are lost as you urinate more. Not adding electrolytes and other trace elements will lead to many problems including keto flu, homeostasis.

8. Snacking too much

This is taboo with keto diets. If you snack too much, you will create bad habits that interfere with the keto diet. You will tend to want to eat more and less each. It’s too hard to guarantee the correct calorie count if you eat too many meals.

9. Ignore hidden carbs

This is quite common. Many keto dieters are entirely innocent when eating snacks that are advertised as sugar-free from supermarkets or using crispy fried flour, regardless of the starch in them. You will fail if you eat without knowing what you are eating.

The good food list for the keto diet

There are already plenty of things to do while on a keto diet, but we want to cover one aspect that you need to get to know best in this post. That is the standard keto diet.


Fresh and unprocessed red meats are undoubtedly the top priorities for keto dieters. If these meats come from 100% organic farms, then this is the most optimal, the most effective, and safest for keto dieters. However, you must not overdo meat. As analyzed above, What you need is fat; overeating protein will be counterproductive. It would help if you also tried different types of meat such as pork, beef, goat, lamb, etc. to keep it bland.

Be especially careful with processed meats in supermarkets such as sausages, fish balls, meatballs, etc. These are the types that have a lot of preservatives and fillers. You will not be able to control the exact amount of calories in it even if you look closely at the ingredients on the package.

Fish meat and marine animals

Almost all of these are good for the keto done right. If you can catch these wild, the best. If you are concerned about many marine species’ toxin content, you should also consider choosing safer and more friendly products.

Just like meat, try to stay away from processed foods. They are too difficult for you to control everything.


This is a protein-rich food, and you can eat it any way you want, like boiled, fried, fried, etc. However, as with the above two dishes, you need to choose for yourself eggs from organic farms, rather than eggs in the supermarket.

However, it would help if you did not overdo it because the cholesterol in eggs is enormous. You may get blood fat before you lose weight (just kidding !!!).

Fresh vegetable

You should choose green vegetables because they are high in fiber and have the necessary amount of vitamins. Examples can be mentioned as broccoli, cauliflower, ornamental corn, tomatoes, etc. You should not eat tubers because they are high in starch and lack fiber.

You can incorporate vegetables in salads or served with meat to make them easier to swallow. Vegetables add more flavors to make your meal not boring. After finishing the keto diet, many people have completely switched to eating vegetables or even a vegetarian diet.


The above are all analyzes, instructions, and advice for all those who lack much knowledge about Keto Diet Dos And Don’ts. Hopefully, after this article, you will have a more accurate experience of how to diet correctly.