How to get into Ketosis fast? What is the fastest way to get into Ketosis? Does the keto diet lose weight fast? Get into Ketosis faster

How fast can you get into ketosis?

On the market today, there are many ways, tips, tricks to lose weight effectively with the ketogenic diet method. However, not everyone knows how to take steps effectively and properly. So how are the new standard and reasonable way?

First, there must be a clear goal to enter ketosis fast.

Because if we do not have the right goals, we will easily lead to setting ourselves too high goals, if we do not reach them, we will easily become discouraged and lose confidence in weight loss. You may now think that weight loss is impossible, leading to an uncontrollable gain in weight gain. We no longer want to follow any method of weight loss, do not want to believe in any weight loss products at all, and the quality of life declines. To sum up, If you don’t have clear goals, there will be no way for you to lose weight effectively and attain the results, even if there is someone who shows you how to go into ketosis fast.

Second, we need to cultivate knowledge about diet and nutrition.

Nutrition and diet are the biggest determinants of weight loss. When you have enough knowledge, you know how well the specific composition of these nutrients is. You also learn more about professional indicators like BMI, GI. Then, you will have a better understanding of how to get your body into ketosis faster under the guidance of experts, as well as shape the right and appropriate path to achieve ketosis fast.

Third, arrange specific plans

For example, when you are only 1m57 tall and you want to reduce BMI about 19-20 equivalent to about 47-48 pounds, while your current weight is about 65 pounds in 3 months. So you will have to lose about 15 pounds, each month to lose 5 pounds, equivalent to at least 1,100 calories per day. From the above calculation, you apply the keto diet to suit your situation. If you do not have a specific plan, you will easily fall into being overly enthusiastic in the early days, and after a few days, give up because it is too difficult. Remember when you do everything you need to have a plan and even a detailed and specific plan

What is the fastest way into ketosis?

First of all, we need to understand, the Keto diet is a diet that has the following characteristics

  •     First, the amount of starch and sugar in the syrup is minimized
  •     Second, the amount of fat, as well as the amount of aloe in the diet, is increased.

Here is a list of 7-day keto menus that is the fastest way to ketosis I recommend you can follow to see the effect.                                   




Day 1

Fried eggs with onion leaves, bacon

1 chopped avocado with garlic, cooked onion, add a pinch of lemon juice, salt, and pepper

stuffed eggplant stuffed with steamed meat

Day 2

2 boiled eggs, cucumber, tomato

1 chicken, some carrot, cucumber, and tomato

Lightly sauteed squid with onion and garlic

Day 3

2 fried eggs, cucumber, carrot

salad: broccoli, tomato, cucumber, and tuna, 5 boiled shrimp

Stir-fried beef and boiled white cabbage

Day 4

Fried egg with carrot, cucumber, chopped kiwi, lemon juice

green vegetables, 2 slices of dry chicken turkey

green vegetables, 2 slices of dry chicken turkey

Day 5

Mushroom fried eggs, beef soup

Stir-fried vegetables, chicken sausage, chicken wings

1 bowl of stir-fried beef with peanuts, broccoli, tomatoes

Day 6

3 kiwi fruit

1 steak, boiled cauliflower

some smoked salmon, cucumber, broccoli

Day 7

salad, cooked salmon, lemon

Fried tuna, vegetarian stir-fried tofu

These menus are all familiar dishes with innovative ingredients, so it will be suitable for the majority of those who pursue the ketogenic diet.

Does the keto diet lose weight fast? 

Eliminating carbs from meals, dieting high in fat and protein, and leading to rapid weight loss, the keto diet has been popular on social media and followed by many young people instead of fasting. Only about 1 month, after applying the Keto diet to lose weight and burn ketones, thousands of people each day have lost significant weight and belly fat. I will quote some of the successes and personal experiences of customers after testing the ketogenic diet for your reference:

1. Some recipes for 1 meal are quite common in keto meals that many people taste

Popular recipe: Chicken bacon coated with grilled squash


Featured Recipe: Soy Sauce Eggs


2. Eating just 30 grams of carbs per day will shock many people at the start of the diet. It is best to lose weight fast for keto diet to lose weight, you should slowly reduce the amount of starch over the day and then follow the main trajectory.

3. Normally, the keto diet will last about 30 days because at this point weight loss can be maximized, but on the contrary, trying to diet keto for a long time will be risky. When trying to eat too much protein and fat for a long time will affect the liver and kidneys, endocrine metabolism will also be disturbed. Not eating too many vitamins and minerals from vegetables will also cause depletion if prolonged. So, considering the risks and benefits, experts believe that 30 days is suitable for a keto diet.