Expresso HD Upright Exercise Bike HDU Reviews


Expresso Fitness is well known for producing reliable indoor exercise equipments all over the world. One of the most successful innovations of this brand name is Expresso Stationary Bike. Expresso Bikes vary greatly in different categories including upright, recumbent, as well as youth bikes. You can see a variety of Expresso bike models in home gym, office or classes. What makes them so popular? That is because Expresso exercise bike guarantees to bring the perfect product with durability, good low-impact workout and high working efficiency. The impressive feature of Expresso bike machine is the realistic sensation of riding an outdoor bicycle. Furthermore, when you use Expresso Fitness Bike, you have chance to enjoy all great features of Expresso interactive bikes like other equipments and premium fitness as well as computer systems. This makes Expresso exercise bikes out-standing from other rivals of the same categories in the market. Understanding the psychology of customers to buy the high-quality product with supportive accessories, we had analyzed our Expresso exercise bike review to help you have your best purchasing decision. Our review fairly evaluates both strengths and weaknesses of the best Expresso recommendation nowadays – Expresso HD Upright Bike. Expresso HD Upright – HDUs is the most out-standing option in this category and surely one of their best exercise bikes to date.

Expresso HD Upright Exercise Bike – HDU Reviews

Expresso HD Upright Exercise Bike HDU
(Expresso HD Upright Exercise Bike HDU)

Quality: (4.6 / 5)
Value of money: (4.7 / 5)
Ease of use: (4.5 / 5)
Average: (4.6 / 5)

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Expresso is expert in cycling and is one of the most reputable bicycle brands, for both outdoor and indoor bikes. That is the reason why Expresso products, including Expresso HD gains thousands of trust and belief of consumers. It offers an appropriate price with advanced features of a modern upright cycle. We are telling you why although coming with high price, this machine is still a great option for home use.

The most impressive feature of Expresso HD Bike we had better bare into our mind is virtual reality sensation. The machine offers real steering, shifting and terrain based resistance for the outdoor experience that you haven’t seen before. More specifically, by using Expresso HD Upright Exercise Bike, you could enjoy over 40 virtual rides from a 1 mile speed track to a 20 mile mountain climb. Some are set in the countryside, some in the desert, some in the mountains, etc…Interactive games are designed to create the bike relaxation. Most of users feel satisfied with this entertaining function of the Expresso bike.

Another major plus of Expresso HD Exercise Bike is the equipment of rock solid new design. It boosts the sturdy frame of the machine for many times of use as well as its durability. As a result, it makes people feel safe for each time of using, even with your children.

Then, we mention HD screen of Expresso HD Upright Exercise Bike – HDU. The bike comes with large display which shows you detailed statistics of power output, heart rate, travelled distance and elapsed time. We find many positive feedbacks about the accuracy of these tracking numbers. A benefit of the upright bike is that it helps you automatically track your progress through useful internet connection.

Next, with this machine, users are motivated to reach better workout through the competition with their friends. It is convenient that you can challenge past rides via Facebook and compete quickly with other users.
Because of featuring different components, the bike provides 155 pounds in weight, heavier than other products in the same category. Therefore, it requires a large space for storage. This is a disadvantage for houses with limited floor space.

What we like

  • Over 40 virtual rides
  • Rock-Solid new design
  • Internet connection
  • Accurate
  • Adjustable handles
  • Easy to use
  • Large HD screen
  • Excited experience
  • Great warranty (3 year worry free warranty, 3 years of eLive services, 3years Computer, 3 years Parts, 3 years Labor)
  • Interactive games
  • Sturdy frame

What we don’t like

  • Large space requirement
  • High price
  • Users over 350 pounds are not recommended

Overall impression

In general, Expresso HD is not just an upright bike; it is also a close companion which shares a lot of fun in your daily life. With the unique design and the effectiveness in losing weight and burning fat, this bike encourages you to have healthy lifestyle. If you don’t want to bite your gut with the regret of spending a fortune to buy things, our review suggests you this one. It’s worth money buying and enjoying.

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