What Is Dirty Keto Diet? Is It Safe, Scam? The Difference Between Dirty Keto vs Clean Keto vs Lazy Keto? Dirty Keto Food List?

What Is A Dirty Keto?

The dirty keto diet seems amazing and helpful. Do you believe in the promise that you can lose weight and still be free to eat everything you like except for some foods that contain high amounts of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals like bread, vegetables? Fruit, sugar, and some others. What does that mean? Dirty keto definition shows that all meats from bacon, cheese, beef, pork, and poultry are allowed to eat, even fast food. Although it sounds absurd, how can you lose weight with a not dieting diet?

You need to know that the Ketogenic diet is a type of diet where your energy is obtained by burning the fat you load into the body instead of starchy sugar as you usually eat. This means you have to eat a moderate amount of protein as well as limit your sugar to extremely low levels, no more than 40 grams per day (about 1.5 slices of barley bread or two slices of black bread). The keto method is based on a scientific principle that when your body’s sugar level is too low, your body will learn to replace its source of energy, endogenous and exogenous fats, and excess fat.

So, how does dirty keto look like and differ from a traditional keto diet? Dirty keto is similar to traditional keto in common in terms of weight loss mechanism, meaning it is also based on the principle of burning excess fat instead of normal glucose. However, the difference here is: Dirty keto doesn’t care where the food you eat is dirty or clean, where it comes from. A clean keto diet encourages you to eat foods that are fresh and, importantly, as organic as possible. On the contrary, on a dirty keto diet, you can eat non-starchy bacon and even carbonated water for the dieter.

Recently, this type of dirty keto eating has been spreading more widely on social networks. A series of dirty keto groups are circulating on social networks from Twitter to Facebook. They promote freedom and creativity in the way they diet with slogans such as “why to abstain from losing weight, get dirty.” On a private group called “The daily dirty Keto,” a lot of users shared and boasted about their dirty keto meal, including foods like Powerade and chips, cheese, bacon, meat. Golden roast pig. Is dirty keto the right direction? Is it as beautiful as the netizens are spreading it?

Dirty Keto vs Clean Keto vs Lazy Keto?

We want to tell you a secret that most of us fall somewhere between clean keto, dirty keto, and lazy keto we are not aware of.

The diet we are using is considered dirty or clean depending on what values ​​we follow, that is, on the perceptions of the dieters. If you consider foods with more fat, more cholesterol, a target to pursue even though it is considered dirty, it has no reason to stop you.

On the other side, with a clean keto diet. We have access to clean and natural-friendly foods, but in return, cost and convenience cannot be optimized.

For example, instead of going to the supermarket and picking up whatever pork to put in the basket, the devotees of the clean keto spend time searching for meats that come entirely from the natural pasture and read. Adopt the global GAP standard model, for example. On the other hand, a man who adores dirty and lazy keto will eat any type of meat as long as it is the most convenient, cheap, and easy to consume.

For dirty keto, it is clear that products with advantages in price as well as ease of purchase are accessible to users. It is clear here that the preference given to dirty keto eaters is on cheaper foods.

In general, whether you eat a clean or dirty keto diet, sometimes it is not exactly what you want. It depends on your budget and how it affects your body.

Dirty Keto Food List

What are the most common dirty keto foods, which ones should I use? What types should not be used for the dirty keto diet plan

How to have an ideal dirty keto meal and how to plan dirty keto rules are questions that we need to fulfill if we want to follow this kind of keto diet.

The Most Recommended Foods

  • Goat’s milk is rich in fat, which includes cheese, whipped cream, and cocoa butter. The usual variety of these products is produced using methods that are not ideal for your animals, the environment, or your health. More premium options, such as pasture animal milk, are not included in this category.
  • Beef and high-protein dried seafood: Of course, if you have enough money to pay for completely organic foods is best, but if you cannot afford these luxuries in the long term, you absolutely can. Consider using these considered “dirty” foods. However, it must be ensured that the starch content is controlled.
  • Pork skin, fruits, and seeds are high in healthy protein and other keto-friendly snacks. You will find that some keto snacks are more expensive than others.
  • Commercial lettuce. This is the cheapest green vegetable you can buy, with a little fatty meat in it, you will have a delicious dish for the dirty keto meal plan.

Dirty Keto Foods Should Be Limited

Canned food in supermarkets: Don’t be fooled by the words advertisers make up. They keep saying that their product is keto-friendly but always be on the lookout for the hidden carbs. One little tip for you is to choose a package that has no added ingredients or fillers.

Low-carb fast foods: Although there are very few carbs on the menu, you should pay attention to it. If your carbs intake is not carefully monitored, your diet will be almost ineffective.

Dirty Keto Foods Should Be Avoided

Margarine and other hydrogenated oils: You guys better avoid these artificial cooking oils. Just one small dose per day also contributes to heart disease and blood pressure.

Refined vegetable oil: Most plant-based oils are full of vulnerable fats called polyunsaturated fatty acids. During refining and cooking, many of these fatty acids are converted into toxic inflammatory compounds.

Burnt meat and seafood:  If you have a little bit of research into cancer, this is a very typical agent associated with cancer. If you crave a BBQ, you can stash the meat with some herbs or organic seeds. This can help prevent you from more or less.