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Exercise Bike Buying Guide

Exercise bike is basically defined as a popular type of home fitness equipment, which helps reduce burning calories, and gives a better impact on the knees and leg joints. It is a great option for many people in the aim of losing weight and improving health quality.
Some people perhaps feel it is not as good as other familiar forms that they often use such as gym, treadmill, lifecycle, etc … in some cases. However, to be honest, each type of products will have both pros and cons. Now, we are going to tell you the reason why it is one of our recommendations to you.

Reasons to choose an exercise bike

It seems to have some better points to do exercises in our home rather than join health clubs. For example, you could save a large budget for a gym by doing exercise yourself. Besides, it helps prevent any inconvenience from having to go to a gym club such as the traffic jam, the noise … For people who have problems with joints; it will be a great choice. More specifically, key benefits of an exercise bike can be listed here such as ease and convenience of use, high efficiency of cardio workout, comfort, safety, leg and stamina improvement and health program. Maybe it is an effective way to improve your health quality? Of course, yes.

Types of exercise bikes

You will find it convenient to decide your best one with 3 options of exercise bikes, including upright, recumbent, and spin. Each type of product range is designed in such a specific way that can deliver the best workout effectiveness to users.

First of all, Upright Exercise Bike is known as one type of traditional road bikes. It comes with a small and high seat, unsupported back, front hand position and underneath-body pedals. For users with experience about using exercise equipments, they prefer this one because of the ease to control and movement. Standing up on the upright exercise bike could bring many excited feelings for users. Furthermore, if you want to enjoy the less restriction when exercising, it is a good choice. What else you need? About the price, this type offers a more reasonable price in comparison with the others. It then satisfies all consumer groups with tight budget. However, a limitation of using this tool is the discomfort of seat when riding in a long time. Therefore, for the older, people with chronic back pain or other lower back issues, it is a great suggestion to look for other types of exercise bikes.

Sunny Magnetic Upright Bike
Upright Exercise Bike (source: Sunny Magnetic Upright Bike)

Talking about the second type-recumbent exercise bike, Recumbent Exercise Bike offers the convenience with reclined position, wider seat and a supported back. It is regarded as a more comfortable bike than upright exercise bike for many reasons. This might be come from the even distribution of rider weight in a large area and the freedom of hands. It means you can watch TV, read a book, or play one of your favorite games while riding the exercise bike. Although recumbent offers a more comfortable usage, it could provide equal amount of calories as upright exercise bike. If you want to aim at the relaxation or have back problems, you let pay attention to this effective one. A minus disadvantage when purchasing this machine is quite high cost and the boring to spend much time on an exercise bike with back support. Another minor thing is it requires a larger floor space to store.

Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike
Recumbent Exercise Bike (source: Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike)

Last but not least, Spin Exercise Bike ranks the first option with the ability to produce most workouts. Many people choose Spinning Exercise Bike because of higher seat, low handlebars and other supported riding positions. You will find it challengeable to stand up on the spinning exercise bike, which leads to a better motivation and stamina. Specially, for those who have problems with joints, flywheels help reduce risk of injury. In addition, there is one thing to bear in your mind before you decide to buy this. The machine will require large space for storage; therefore, it is important to think carefully about your floor condition to have the best exercise choice.

Marcy Club Revolution Cycle
Spinning Exercise Bike (source: Marcy Club Revolution Cycle)

Important factors to consider before buying an exercise bike

Because of various exercise bike models in marketplace, it requires you to become a professional in choosing your suitable products. Normally, people often think about some main factors leading to their decision including high working efficiency, price, warranty, customer service, etc … Furthermore, an expensive product might not bring the hopeful results and vice versa. To buy an efficient exercise bike, you had better consider these matters below:

  • Home exercise goals of purchasers
  • Features of exercise bike
  • Warranty
  • Price

How often you use your exercise bike and what are your exercise goals will decide the fitness type. Considering this matter will help you reduce a waste for a high-price product which is unnecessary.

Otherwise, a good bike is equipped with many basic features such as various resistance levels, adjustable and comfortable seat. If you prior the comfort into your first consideration, a bicycle seat cover filled with padding or gel or padded bike shorts to add cushioning will be a good choice. Moreover, wide pedals open the opportunity to all foot sizes, which equips with a strap or toe cage to keep the foot in the place is more convenient. What is more? To track your detailed health statistics, heart-rate monitors, programming options, an LCD display, book rest, and bottle holder should be included in a smart exercise bicycle. On the other hand, if you do not want to hear the nuisance noise from your exercise bike could affect your neighbors and your children, take care about this one. Then we look at stability. The heavy weight leads to the bike’s stability. However, it is not too heavy.

And you know, warranty is another important factor that should be put into your consideration. It strongly proves the strength in case of fixing and needing technician support. A minimum package for one year of warranty is the basic requirement for each type of exercise bicycle.

Lastly, average cost for an exercise bike changes from around $100 to more than $900. Upright and Spin offer more affordable price than a Recumbent one.

In conclusion, maybe you are dissatisfied by some limitations of top 3 leading exercise bikes above. Whatsoever, there are reasons for why we call they one of the best investments that you have ever made and it they still among the best in the exercise equipment market. These machines are not for commercial use. They are not something that people put in gymnasiums for many people to use. It is for your home, it is to be there for your personal use.

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